Judy V. Bellova

Judy V. Bellova has been working in real estate since 1986. Cutting her teeth in the commercial residential sector, Judy got her start by buying, renovating and managing small apartment buildings with rentals in the East Village. A networker by nature, Judy has coordinated many unconventional deals and developments that others could not. She has experience working across several boroughs and has facilitated countless deals in both the residential and commercial sectors for buyers, sellers and tenants alike. Her areas of expertise are downtown Manhattan, SoHo, the East Village, and the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, Judy not only has her real estate license, but was formerly a licensed general contractor in the state of New York. After receiving her license in the 1980s, Judy undertook several projects that highlighted her unique skillset. She formerly worked for an REI firm that bought, renovated and sold properties in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens; while there, she lent her market and contracting expertise to identify potential properties that could be financially profitable. She flipped several houses on her own, and she developed, sponsored and cooped an East Village building, where she maintained control of the ground floor.

It was in this space that Judy redirected her artistic skills, and built and opened her first restaurant to great acclaim. Truly passionate about the industry, Judy met her husband, who owns the contracting firm Terroir Terrier, and built out her second restaurant space together. Her knack for location forecasting helped to develop the surrounding East Village neighborhood, which ultimately lead to significant increases in property value as the locations became exceedingly desirable. In her free time, Judy is currently working on plans to pioneer a new restaurant concept in the Hamptons.